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About - Brand 360 Agency

Brand 360 Agency

We provide a unique focus on innovation in advertising & pre-press, web & mobile app and digital publishing.

​Creative Stop Shop

We are an experienced and talented team of passionate designers and developers coming from different digital and advertising agencies from all over the world.

We have a team that is not just built on creativity and savoir-faire, but we are a happy bunch of free thinkers, right-brainers, go-getters, trailblazers, adventure seekers, wordsmiths, number crunchers and creative nuts who relish a challenge and is ready to take one on anytime

​Be on the top and get our team to assist you

At Brand 360, we are always excited to provide assistance and make happy clients.

  • We provide assistance and guide you throughout the duration of your project.
  • No more hassle. From media reservation to publishing your mobile app on app stores, the Brand 360 team take care of every little details for you.
  • Occasional follow up with our clients to see how things are going. Once we complete a project, we do not put a full stop right there. We do occasional followup to see if the client has issues and how we can help them.




Publishing (Newspapers, Magazines, Annual Reports…)




UI / UX Design Services

Website Design & Development

Mobile App Design & Development

Digital Publishing

Brand 360 Agency created a marvellous e-commerce website for our Obann Shop. With it’s integrated newsletter system, their service has boosted our sales by more than 50% ! Anastasia Ramlall – Fashion Designer


Brand 360 Agency saw the light in early 2019, after a freelance joint venture by a group of graphic designers and developers. Combining their skills together, the group of friends started offering their services to the local market as well as other advertising agencies. Later on, the group teamed up to offer a new service in Mauritius, the Digital Publishing, which consists of converting magazines, newsletters, brochures etc into a branded app with unlimited posibilities, including sales options, sales tracking, client conversion, interactive experience etc.

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